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Air Conditioning Trade Association (ACTA) is a non-profit, contractor member association. We serve free enterprise non-union HVAC, Mechanical, and Service Contractors, as well as their employees and the industrial suppliers that service them.

What we do:
ACTA specializes in training in the HVAC industry through its state- and federally-approved Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program, Service Technician Training, and other industry related training programs...for both contractor employees and individuals. 

As a contractor, find out how being a member of ACTA can help you.  Not interested in membership, check out our ACTA University tab to see what training courses are available for your employees.

As an individual looking for HVAC training, check out our ACTA University tab to see what training courses may be of interest to you.  If you are interested in possibly becoming an apprentice, click on the Apprenticeship Training tab for more information and requirements to become an apprentice. 

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Mar. 4, 2015 - Chillers/Cooling Towers

Spotlight & News

SB 854- Public Works Contractor Registration Program
SB 854- PW Contractor Registration law went into effect on June 20, 2014. The Labor Commissioner's office will be responsible for registering contractors for public works. Annual fees began on July 1, 2014, at the initial rate of $300.
Registration is good for one fiscal year. So this means that you must be registered by March 1, 2015 and your registration is good until June 30, 2015. Then you must register again on July 1, 2015 and that registration is good until June 30, 2016. Registration must be renewed annually. Contractors will need to meet minimum qualification standards.
Contractor Requirements:
  • Certify or provide proof of workers compensation insurance
  • Have no outstanding liabilities for wages, damages, interest, fines or penalties due to an employee or the state.
  • Good Standing: Cannot be under federal or state debarment from performing public works.
  • Have a valid Contractor's license if necessary for your trade.
  • After registration becomes mandatory no bids or work without registration - for first violation in 12mth may pay $2000 penalty to register

Important Dates to Remember:

  • March 1, 2015 - Contractors must be registered in order to bid on public works projects
  • April 1, 2015 - Contractors must be registered to be awarded a public works project and to submit certified payroll records to the Labor Commissioner office
  • January 1, 2016 - All public works contractors must furnish certified payroll records (online) to the Labor Commissioner office


PWC- 100 Project Award Notice

  • Awarding Bodies will be required to provide notice to DIR on all projects within five days of project award
  • (PWC-100) https://www.dir.ca.gov/pwc100ext/
  • January 1, 2015 - All bid/contract documents must contain language found in Labor Code Section 1771.1 (a)

For more information contact - SB854@dir.ca.gov